Monday, March 26, 2012

Reiki - Guernsey

Reiki in Guernsey (Well Being World Wide) with Heidi Almonte, Well Being World and Founder of  Heidi was one of the first to learn Reiki in Guernsey in 2004, and just 11th in line from the World Wide Founder of Reiki in Japan, Dr Usui

Reiki - Guernsey
Reiki - Guernsey Reiki healing is a natural complementary therapy, that has repeatedly produced amazing results for both long and short term illness and helped improve well being in adults, children and pets.

Reiki - Guernsey is ideal for healing mind, body and soul as well as a relaxing treat to help relieve stress,  illness and keep your body in general good health.

Heidi Almonte, Reiki Practitioner is passionate about Complementary Therapy, as shes seen so many wonderful results.  Heidi is also a Practitioner of  EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Magnet Therapy with stylish Well Being Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Home Parties, Stalls and Charity Events.
Online Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Shop - with many fab results.

Reiki Treatments - Guernsey
Reiki Treatments in Guernsey available.  Hours to suit including evenings and weekends at a convenient location in St Peter Port, Guernsey.

Reiki Healing - at Home
Please email or call Heidi, Reiki Practitioner on Guernsey 01481 722798 for more info
Reiki Distant Healing
Reiki Healing can also be carried out from a distance and has been done so for many centuries. It is a phenomenon, but proved extremely successful.

Heidi can send Reiki Distant Healing anywhere in the world.
£29 - per Reiki Distant Healing Session
£99 - Special Offer for a Block of 4

Learn Reiki Training Course - Level 1 or Level 2
Learn Reiki in Guernsey & Jersey (Channel Islands  USA) with Heidi Almonte.
Anyone can learn Reiki Healing in a Weekend, a Course, through Private Tuition or in the convenience of your home via skype.

£39 - per hour for Learn Reiki Level 1 or 2 Personal Training
£195 - 5 hours Learn Reiki Training Course and Attunements
£125 - Learn Reiki with an additional family/friend with you
(Includes individual Learn Reiki Attunements)

Learn Reiki Guernsey & Jersey (Channel Islands & Reiki Jersey USA)
Scroll to the Learn Reiki Blog (Jersey & Guernsey, also World Wide via skype)
Click on Blog Archive March 2012 link on the right for more information, or

Contact - Well Being World Guernsey
For more info on Reiki Healing and to Learn Reiki in Guernsey contact Heidi Almonte, Well Being World on Guernsey 01481 722798 or via

Learn Reiki Guernsey, Channel Islands
Learn Reiki Guernsey, USA, Wyoming, Ohio Reiki Healing

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