Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Magnet Therapy Testimonials

Magnet Therapy Testimonials
Im delighted to have introduced Energetix Magnet Therapy Products - really stylish Magnetic Jewellery for Ladies, Men, Children and even Pet magnets to Well Being World, Guernsey.

Endorsed by Kevin Costner - Energetix magnet therapy products only use the finest quality 'neodymium magnets' - the type successfully used on Astronauts suits to help their well being.

These powerful magnets (neodymium magnets are much stronger than those used in most magnet therapy jewellery) help stimulate the red blood cells, Insomnia, Arthritis Treatment, increasing Circulation, Boosting Metabolism, Immunity System Boosters, which in turn has many well being benefits.

This was my first weekend with Magnet Therapy and Ive already had many, very happy customers...

1 - Had anemia when she was younger, her therapist rubbed magnets over her, she would leave after magnet therapy with bright red cheeks from the blood stimulation and was delighted to see quality magnet therapy jewellery and purchased an Energetix Magnetic bracelet.

2 - A lady who had a 5th chromosone and used to fall over a lot, her Dr recommended that she wore a quality magnet therapy bracelet to help her balance, shes not fallen over since.  This lady bought a magnet therapy bracelet - and later returned to buy 2 more for members of her family.

3 - Had a serious knee injury, once again the Dr used magnet therapy by rubbing powerful magnets around his knee to help it to heal after the operation.
He also purchased a bracelet.

4 - Another lady bought for her and a friend, she felt so good wearing it,
she returned to buy another 2 more for presents!

5 - A Gentleman had been wearing a magnet therapy bracelet and it had really helped with his aches and pains, but his wife said how they had come back lately - it was because he had stopped wearing it (hed put on weight and it was now to small).

He bought an Energetix Magnet Therapy Strip, which can be attached to any clothing by using the magnet therapy strip on the inside of his clothing and the casing attachment on the outside to keep the magnet in place.

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