Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Well Being Guernsey

Well Being Guernsey

Well Being Info in Guernsey, created by Guernsey born Heidi Almonte (nee Robilliard)

Heidi is called - 'The Miracle Lady' by customers after helping so many people that have suffered for years/decades - from cripples to a variety of illness to curing total Diabetes caused blindness in minutes.  (See website for variety of Reiki Testimonials and Magnetic Jewellery Testimonials)

Guernsey Well Being

Heidi Almonte is working continuously to help adults, children and pets
improve well being in Guernsey (UK & world wide online).

Heidi loves to help people, help themselves, with lots of improve well being ideas...

Well Being Guernsey Offers Complementary Therapies to...
  • Wake Each Day to Feel Happier - More Energetix
  • Weight Loss Guernsey - Boost Metabolism
    Weight Management Guernsey
  • Immunity System Boosters - Detox
  • Ease Headaches - Stomach Aches, Aches and Pains
  • Help Depression -Anxiety - Addictions - Stress!

Improve Well Being

Improve Well Being Guernsey offers -

Weight Management Guernsey + Weight Loss Guernsey events

Magnetic Jewellery - Guernsey - Well Being Market Stalls in Guernsey
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery - Guernsey (+ Jersey, UK & world wide)

Aloe Vera Guernsey - FLP  Guernsey (+ Jersey, UK & world wide)
Reiki Treatment - Guernsey
Reiki Distant Healing - Guernsey (+ Jersey & world wide)
EFT Tapping Practitioner - Guernsey (+ Jersey & world wide)

Arthritis Treatment - Magnetic Jewellery, Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Forever Freedom Drink, Arctic Sea - Omega 3 Supplements, Aloe MSM Gel, Aloe Heat Lotion

Back Pain Treatment - Magnet therapy products, FLP Aloe Vera Forever Freedom Drink, FLP Aloe MSM Gel, ALoe Heat Lotion

Immunity System Boosters - Energetix Magnetic Jewellery, Acai Drink, Aloe Vera Drink
Toxins in the Body - Detox with Clean 9 Aloe Vera FLP + Energetix Jewellery
Eating to Lose Weight + Feel Great!  Scientifically proven weight loss
Will Exercise Get Rid of Cellulite - Wellbeing tips
Sick Building Syndrome - What is Geopathic Stress effects on well being?
Crystal Well Being Jewellery, Spiritual Items, Massage Tools, Crystals
Pet Well Being - Energetix Magnetic Jewellery, Aloe Vera, Reiki Treatment
Well Being Gifts - All year round Wellbeing Gifts online for all the family

Improve Well Being - Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey Stall
Heidi runs Guernsey Well Being market stalls most weekends including Friquet Farmers Market Guernsey (fortnightly), so if you need her help, or would just like some beautiful well being jewellery or Wellbeing Gifts, come and see Heidi Well Being Almonte soon!

Well Being Guernsey - Stall Dates
+ Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey-Aloe Vera Order Arrivals
If you cant come along to the stalls, you can order online, contact Heidi for guidance :)

Look forward to welcoming you...

Heidi Almonte
Improve Well Being

Well Being Guernsey Wellbeing Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Well Being Jewellery
Aloe Vera Forever Living Products FLP Guernsey Magnetic Jewellery Stalls

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weight Management Guernsey

Weight Management Guernsey

 Free Weight Management in Guernsey!
"Are YOU ready to become the BEST version of YOU?"

Come along for our Introductory Offer of a
"Free Weight Management Wellbeing Body Scan - asseses fat, muscle, bone density etc".
We also offer a Free Weight Management Guernsey 'Diet Plan' - whether you are looking for Healthy Weight Management or Weight Loss in Guernsey (UK).

Weight Management + Wellbeing Guernsey

Weight management - wellbeing we will help you become the best version of Yourself -
Are you ready for change?

Weight Management Shakes Guernsey

Weight Management Shakes in 9 Delicious (Yes!) Flavours 
+ Weight Management Meal Bars.
The Number 1 Healthy Meal replacements in the World.

Legally called Healthy Meals -
Herbalife Shakes are scientifically balanced with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E + Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and minerals to help form part of a "Health, Active, Lifestyle"
Weight Management Shakes Guernsey

Passionate and Caring Weight Management + Weight Loss Guernsey. 
with Heidi Almonte - Wellbeing, also well known for
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery in Guernsey
Donations to Bridge2 Philippines appreciated (where we lived).

Where is Weight Management Guernsey?
Come along to Guernsey Farmers Markets (Friquet fortnightly)
+ Weekly Open Days/Evenings.
Weight Management and Weight Loss events updated on fb +

Heidi Wellbeing Almonte (fb)
Weight Management Guernsey
Weight Loss Guernsey

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