Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crystals at Home...

Crystals at home, come in many shapes and forms, with apparant mystic healing powers for mind, body and soul and an overall sense of well being.

Crystals can really brighten up your home, especially 'Selenite Crystals Tea Lights' and 'Crystal Salt Lamps' which reflect or let the light shine through in a wonderful mysterious way.

Using crystals at home is a stunning way to enhance your home, your life, and according to many your health aswell.

Feng Shui at home often uses Crystals to enhance well being and bring in harmony, health, wealth and happiness, especially if particular crystals are placed around your home in specific places to attract what you require in your life.

Amethyst crystal is apparantly an excellent 'all round healer'.
Amethyst Geodes/Cathedrals and Clusters of Crystals are stunningly beautiful and an eye catcher, ideal for any room at home or at work.

Crystals make great home accessories and Crystal Jewellery make unusual, unique Gifts for yourself and loved ones of all ages...

Crystal Salt Lamps - My Favourite, give a wonderful warm glow to the home.

Amethyst Quartz and Citrine Crystal Tea Light Holders reflect the flame beautifully - Citrine also attracts wealth!

A Selenite Crystal Heart shaped Candle Holder is enough to melt anyone!
Selenite is a white angelic looking crystal, that is said to invite angels.
Also used to clear stagnant energy, auras and blockages.
It looks at its best when used with light reflection such as sunlight or a candle flame.

A smoky quartz Cluster of crystals can help protect against electromagnetic smog and is very grounding and cleansing as is a flourite palm stone - both excellent crystals to keep near your computer for decoration, energizing, cleansing.

Skyscraper Selenite Crystal Lamps are amongst my favourites as the light box underneath makes the crystal glow.  Selenite is said to bring peace and harmony... http://www.wellbeinginfo.com/Crystals-at-Home.html

Aloe Vera Shop

Aloe Vera Shop - Containing Aloe Vera products, Aloe Vera often referred to as 'The Miracle Healer'.

Aloe Vera Shop products contain a huge array of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Aloe Vera can be digested in liquid form (the best) as well as incorporated into tablets.

Our Aloe Vera Shop also include moisturisers, personal use bathroom products and cosmetics.
Aloe Vera is a clever natural healer helper for inside and out, it can adjust itself to suit your body needs, with amazing properties for improving skin conditions and skin texture, often used to help skin conditions like excema.

Aloe Vera is extremely soothing and calming on the digestion system, which in turn aids digestion of nutrients, leading to a better sense of overall wellbeing without harmful side effects.

Aloe Vera Shop - For the finest quality, resonably priced products on the market...

Reiki Healing - 1,500,000 Reiki Searches a Month - Its Expanding Fast!

Reiki Healing is so easy and natural and been used safely for thousands of years without nasty side effects.
Reiki can be done hands on, or just as easily by someone qualified to send it anywhere around the world!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well Being Gifts - Easter

Well Being Gifts Easter - Well Being Gifts online, with love and healing...

Well Being Gifts Easter or Well Being World Gift Vouchers for...
Energetix Well Being Jewellery Online - Gorgeous stylish magnetic jewellery, designer yet affordable + Ive had so many thank you's of how effective it is (and not just for Arthritis Treatment, read more on... www.WellBeinginfo.com/Magnet-Therapy.html or take a look at

My Favourite Well Being Gifts for Easter...
Online Energetix Magnet Jewellery Shop

Complementary Therapy Well Being Gifts -Easter World Wide

Reiki Healing + Reiki Distant Healing Complementary Therapy (available World Wide).  Very relaxing and can help improve well being.
EFT + EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) particularly good for illness caused by stress or trauma, addictions, phobias etc)

Well Being Gifts - Easter for Families
House Dowsing for Geopathical Stress and 'Happy Healthy Homes'
(Particularly good to find the healthy or unhealthy spots in sick homes, available World Wide)

Well Being Gifts - Easter
and Crystal Jewellery inprinted with Personal Blessings
(either via Well Being World or we can Bless your own bought items, World Wide)

Well Being Gifts - Easter - 7 Chakra Balancing and Aura Healing
Well Being Gifts ideas for Easter and year round although my favourite well being gifts are the massive choice with Energetix Magnet Jewellery...

Contact Heidi - Well Being Gifts @ Well Being World - Well Being Info
Heidi Almonte, ISTD, Magnet Therapy, Energetix Magnetic Jewellery, Reiki Healing Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Teacher and Professional Dowser
Guernsey, Jersey & World Wide, via Skype and Facebook

Well Being Facebook
Join us at

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Well Being Gifts - Guernsey (USA, Wyoming, Ohio, Channel Islands, Canada, China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand)
Well Being Gifts - New Jersey (USA & Jersey Channel Islands)
Well Being Gifts - Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Holland


Chakra Music...

Chakra Music is ideal for relaxation and can help to heal and balance your mind, body, soul and the 7 Chakras energy vortexes which help to keep us alive and well.

Learn how the power of Chakra Music can effect your mood and melt away unnecessary stress.

Gently Shower and Massage Your Body, Mind and Soul with the Powerful Sonic Vibrations of Chakra Music for a greater sense of well being and health...


Crystals - Healing and Balancing for Mind, Body and Soul!

Crystals, are said to help heal the mind and body, they are beautiful and Im sure they are alive!
Crystal Pendulums sway like mad with answers, and Amber is so Healing its been sold in Chemists in Europe for centuries...

Juicy Juice

Juicy Juice - A Delicious Juice Recipe designed from a natural health Doctor for optimal anti-oxidant and cancer fighting benefits, as well as helping to lose weight by eating the pulp afterwards for a scrumptious healthy and satisfying brunch!

The Juicy Juice Health Benefits of fresh vegetables and fruit juice, how and when it is best to drink the juice tips for maximum benefits also explained along with the recipe... http://wellbeinginfo.com/Juicy-Juice.html

Chakra Crystals for Healing - A Beginners Guide

7 Chakras are healing points through your body - each relating to emotions, colours and sound...

Lose Weight - Easily!

Lose weight - Easily - How I accidently dropped 6 dress sizes in just a few months - and felt so much better for it, more energetic - with beautiful skin and long strong nails too!

How to lose weight easily - I did it without trying, and a year later its still off.
Learn my secrets to lose weight easily - and free!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reiki Testimonials - Amazing...

Reiki Testimonials - Amazing
Reiki Testimonials from Guernsey + Reiki Distant Healing Testimonials with
Reiki Practitioner - Heidi Almonte, ISTD (Guernsey 722798).

Reiki Testimonials for

High Blood Pressure
Smoking Addiction
Knee Joints
Hearing Loss
Lower Heart Rate

Reiki Testimonials - Amazing but True.
Miracles do happen every day...

Reiki Testimonials - Take a look at my Reiki Testimonials web page... http://www.wellbeinginfo.com/Reiki-Treatment.html

Reiki Healing can also help -
Low Blood Pressure
Drinking Addiction
Drug Addiction
Eating Addiction
Food Addiction
Help Joint Pain, Arthritis

Check out Reiki Amazing Distant Healing!
Reiki Distant Healing Amazing -
Reiki Healing - Hands on also available

Heidi Almonte - Improve Well Being
Well Being World Guernsey (Channel Islands & USA)
Reiki Distant Healing, Geopathic Stress, Sick Homes Syndrome,
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & more Well Being Tips
Reiki Testimonials Guernsey, Wyoming, Ohio, USA, Jersey Channel Islands
Reiki Testimonials Spain, UK.

Reiki Distant Healing...

Reiki Distant Healing
Reiki Distant Healing is a complementary therapy, that can be done from a distance, from a different country - anywhere in the world!

Reiki has a massive 1,500,000 searches a month, which goes to show how popular Reiki is becoming.  Reiki Distant Healing was a sacred secret for thousands of years - and is now growing at a tremendous rate, as more people feel the amazing benefits, both short and long term.

Reiki Distant Healing Practitioner
Reiki Distant Healing practitioner Heidi Almonte, ISTD and Well Being Info Founder, is just 11th in line from Dr Usui who had the revelation back in 1926 that Reiki Distant Healing should be allowed to be shared, for everyone in the world to be able to benefit.

Reiki Distant Healing Testimonials
Reiki Distant Healing is absolutely amazing but true.

Find out more and read Heidis Reiki Distant Healing Testimonials  http://www.wellbeinginfo.com/Reiki-Distant-Healing.html


Choccie Benefits - So you know before Easter!

Eating six grams of dark chocolate a day in just two weeks has proved enough to reduce blood pressure and the risk of diabetes - its full of anti-oxidants! http://www.wellbeinginfo.com/Choccies.html

Crystal Gem Tree - an Ideal Easter Gift

Create your own crystal gem tree with a choice of nine kits or give as a unique Easter Gift!

Reiki Healing - Pet Well Being

Reiki Healing - Pets
Reiki Healing for Pets either in Guernsey, or available as Reiki Distant Healing.

Reiki healing is extremely calming for Pets - especially helpful for nervous animals, for general pet well being and can also help with pet illness.

Pet Well Being Diet
Pet well being and vital pet nutrients - garlic, raw fruit and veg diet for pets, herbal pet oils, shampoos, parasite infestations, pet mobility and paw dips... http://wellbeinginfo.com/Pet-Well-Being.html

Cellulite - Easy Tips to Fight it off Naturally!

Will exercise get rid of cellulite?  Take a look at our fun and easy tips...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fruit Veg Diet - Improve Health, Mind & Body - Amazing what it an Cure

By 2020 it is predicted that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer, it is presently 1 in 3.

The main cause is no longer smoking but the 'modern diet'.
A raw fruit and veg diet can help save your life

Paranormal Activity - Is it Real?

Discover telepathy, endorphin release, energy, DNA stimulation,
Chakra healing, motivation, health, mind and body links, spirit guides, manifestation and more...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Health and Mind - Links to Help Cure Illness Naturally...

Health and Mind - Links to Help Cure Illnes naturally
Your mind is capable of creating any chemical needed to heal your body - including Flu and all major illnesses.