Monday, December 6, 2010

Toxins in the Body - Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis...

Toxins in the Body

Toxins in the body - Scary thoughts - take a look -
Teflon, Flouride, Aspartame, Cows Milk, Baby Oil all create toxins in the body -
Learn about these toxins in the body - Improve your well being naturally!

Toxins in the body
Learn how to Avoid these toxins in the body, easily at home...

Toxins in the Body - Learn how to Remove Toxins in the Body

Learn how to Help cancer, diabetes, arthritis related to toxins in the body.
Detox naturally with designer affordable Wellbeing Jewellery that really does detox + Immunity System Boosters...

Improve well being naturally with Heidi Almonte,
Well Being World, Guernsey
Toxins in the Body-Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
Toxins in the Body-Guernsey, Ohio, USA, Jersey

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Well Being Info: Well Being Info - Crystals at Home - Glowing Cryst...

Well Being Info: Well Being Info - Crystals at Home - Glowing Cryst...: " This new page gives you lots of ideas of how to use crystals at home, from a Chakra Crys..."

Well Being Info: Beautiful Body!

Well Being Info: Well Being - Beautiful Body!: This page section is full of tips to keep you beautiful inside and out, colon cleansing, ...

Crystals at Home

Crystals at Home 

Crystals at Home - Ideas

My Well Being Info crystals at home page gives you lots of ideas of how to use
Crystals at Home like...

A Cluster of Smoky Quartz Crystals at home can help protect against electromagnetic smog and is very grounding and cleansing,
excellent to keep by your computer also a

Flourite Palm Stone Crystal near your computer for decoration, energizing, cleansing Crytsals at Home and at work.

Crystal Salt Lamps
 - give a wonderful warm crystal glow to a home.

Amethyst Quartz Crystal and Citrine Crystal Tea Light Holders reflect the flame beautifully - Citrine crystals also attracts wealth!

A Selenite Crystal Heart shaped Candle Holder is enough to melt anyone! (Selenite crystals are white angelic crystal)

7 Chakras Crystals Bath Layout

Crystals at home make great Well Being Gifts

Skyscraper Selenite Crystal Lamps
 are amongst my favourites as the light box underneath makes the crystal glow.
Selenite crystals are said to bring peace and harmony.

Stunning Amethyst Cathedral Geodes (Tall cave like Crystal chunks) make an extra special crystals at home treat!

Swarovski Crystals set in Gorgeous Well Being
Energetix Magnet Jewellery
 energizing quality neodymium magnets with crystals.

All available improve Well Being Info, by Heidi Almonte, Complementary Therapist,
Geopathic Stress, Sick Homes Syndrome, EFT & Reiki Practitioner.

Crystals at Home

7 Chakra Crystals at Home
Well Being Gifts

Well Being Info - Unique Xmas Gift Ideas - Inc a Xmas Donkey - read on!

Give a Xmas Donkey or a Toilet - you know it will be used
Yes - you will need to read on!

Its very unique charity gift ideas...

You 'choose the gift' and give a card to your loved one which explains what you have bought and how it will help and in which third world country!
The most unusual and valuable Xmas Gifts to make a real difference...
For Gardeners
There is gardening gifts from seeds to whole eco-systems.

For a Cooking Enthusiast 
A unique cooker for £8.00 that doesnt need electricity-they just bury it in the ground!

Animal Lovers and Children
Cute choices like a Xmas Lamb or sweet chics that supply both food and vital income.

So many quick and easy options
So rewarding for both the giver and receiver
Take a quick peep at all the choices...

Well Being Info - Natural Health from the inside out!

This page introduces you to the enormous benefits of eating raw foods and how this can reverse serious illness including diabetes, aswell as being hugely beneficial for heart, energy and weight problems.

Also leads to Well Being Xmas Gifts, The Amazing Forgotten Laws of the Universe, Health and Mind links and cures with meditational brain wave CD's.

Plus an introduction to healthy nibbles delivered - 4 choices for just £3.49 including marinated olives, exotic dried fruits and 'very tasty' healthy nuts - with a voucher code for your first box delivered free no obligation - they know you will want more!

Come on, be the first to check it out...

Well Being - Welcome to my new site...

Hiya - Well Being Info is live at last!

Ive been passionately creating pages of well being ideas that have helped me so much that I would like to share them with you - to help you feel good - mind, body and soul, naturally!

Join me and let me know what you think - I would love your feedback, Heidi