Monday, March 26, 2012

Learn Reiki - Jersey

Learn Reiki - Jersey, Channel Islands (& USA)
Learn Reiki in Jersey and Guernsey, with Heidi Almonte, Well Being World and Founder of Well Being Info.  Improve Well Being naturally.

You can learn Reiki Healing in just a few hours, Reiki Healing is an easy complementary therapy to learn that can be invaluable for you, your family, friends and pets.

Learn Reiki Training Course - Reiki Level 1 or Reiki Level 2
Learn Reiki in Jersey with 1 hour sessions, spread over 5 weeks of Reiki Training which gives you the chance to practice the Reiki training you learn between the Reiki Attunements (the clearing of blockages to allow you to channel Reiki Healing).

Learn Reiki on Skype
Learn Reiki on skype.  Learn Reiki training in the comfort of your own home at convenient hours to suit you via skype.

Personal Reiki Training available £39 per hour for Reiki Level 1 or 2.
£195 - 5 hours Learn Reiki Training Course including 4 Reiki Attunements
£125 - Learn Reiki with Additional family/friend (inc individual Reiki Attunements)

Heidi was one of the first to be attuned to learn Reiki in Guernsey and has also enjoyed helping people learn reiki in Jersey & Guernsey (Channel Islands) for many years aswell as conveniently teaching in your own home via skype
(Learn Reiki Guernsey, USA, Learn Reiki Jersey, USA included).

Learn Reiki in a Weekend
The above Learn Reiki courses can be condensed for those short of time to learn Reiki in a weekend.

Learn Reiki Jersey (Channel Islands and Jersey USA) - more info

For more info on how to learn Reiki in Jersey (Channel Islands or Jersey USA) contact Heidi Almonte,
Well Being World on Guernsey (Channel Islands) 01481 722798 or via

Well Being World Guernsey & Jersey 
(Reiki Treatment Testimonials)
(Reiki Distant Healing)

Learn Reiki Jersey USA
Learn Reiki Jersey Channel Islands.
Learn Reiki Guernsey

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