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Geopathic Stress

What is Geopathic Stress?
Geopathic Stress is the only common factor in most serious and long term illnesses and psychological conditions.
Geopathic Stress is created by certain mineral concentrations and fault lines aswell as electric cables and inprints of previous tenants and events.
Geopathic stress is quite common in Guernsey and Jersey (Channel Islands) because of so many water lines below the surface.
More info on What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress - Children
Geopathic Stress can often lead to hyper active and troubled children living in sick homes.
Cot deaths have apparently been proved in almost 100% of cases tested for Geopathic Stress.
Insomnia in Children is common where there is Geopathic Stress as children are particularly vulnerable and often wont sleep if their bed is placed over Geopathic Stress points.

Geopathical Stress - Illness
Geopathical stress takes a serious toll on health as the body is so busy fighting the underlying negative currents that the immune system is depleted and therefore leaves you more vulnerable to sickness like cancer and autoimmune system diseases, aswell as illness relating to insomnia and lack of good quality sleep and needing extra Immunity System Boosters..

Doctors in tens of thousands of cases have proved that seriously ill patients spend a lot of time on top of Geopathical Stress.

Geopathic Stress - Sick Homes
If you are often sick for apparantly no reason, you may be suffering from sick building syndrome.
See Sick Homes for more help.

Geopathical Stress - Are You Being Effected?

Do you suffer from Stress/Depression/Feeling Low?
Do you suffer from Tension Headaches/Migraines?
Do you have an Illness that isnt responding to therapy?
Do you suffer from Food Allergies?
Have you suffered from miscarriage/premature birth/trouble conceiving?
Do you have Hyperactive/troubled Children?
Feel you need Immunity System Boosters?

Sick Homes...
Do you feel better when you are away from your home (or work place)?
Do you feel better or worse when in certain rooms/seats/areas of your house?
Do you have pieces of furniture or objects that make you feel strange?
Do you feel a presence of a previous tenant(s)

Do you or family members find it difficult to Fall Asleep or wake up in the night?
Do you wake and feel tired and exhausted?

Geopathic Stress - Pets
Do you have Cats in the house with favourite places?
Certain animals are attracted to Geopathical Stress and thrive on negative spots, whilst other animals are drawn to the Geopathical positive energy points.

Geopathical Stress - Testing (Guernsey and Jersey)
Heidi Almonte has been trained by UK Dowsing Vice President, Adrian Incledon-Webber ( and in conjunction with Heidis many years of energy healing and strong intuition, can easily dowse your home to test for both negative and positive energy points, whether you live in Guernsey or Jersey aswell as 'Distance Dowsing' which is also just as effective in UK and available world wide...

Distant Dowsing for Geopathic Stress
Distant Dowsing for Geopathic Stress can be done just as easily and effectively by dowsing over a map.  This is the preferred method of most professional Geopathic Stress Dowsers and is available world wide.

Heidi just requires a basic map of the sick room or sick building that requires geopathic stress dowsing and reiki healing, either by post or email and she will follow up with a phone discussion of findings and recommendations.

Geopathic Stress - Sick Houses from just £150 Room Assesments £39 -   
This includes...
1) A discussion as to what you would most like out of the appointment.
2) A House Visit or Distant Dowsing using energetically attuned dowsing equipment to establish whether the house (or room) is suffering from Geopathic Stress.  
3) Dowsing for the most positive energy spaces (to sleep, sit or work in).
4) Dowsing for the most negative energy space (to avoid or take action to change)

Its recommended to dowse the whole sick house -
but if you just wanted a room, ie bedroom, there is a limited introductory price of
£39 per room (Minimum call out £49) this month.

Reducing Geopathic Stress
A follow up appointment with help, further dowsing, reduction of energy lines and advice on the many options of what could be done to counteract any negativity and produce a more positive living and sleeping space for you and your family is recommended and usually enough to make a huge improvement.

Contact Heidi
To find out if you feel you could benefit from a House or Work Place Geopathic Stress Dowsing contact Heidi Almonte (also a qualified Reiki Practitioner & EFT Practitioner, Geopathic Stress Dowsing Practitioner and Magnet Therapy Practitioner), on Guernsey 722798,
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  1. Thankfully I don’t have even a single symptom of this Geopathic stress, Im back from jersey island, on fun trip and met with many doctors in jersey, they never mentioned this type of stress at all, they were good at their work.