Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crystals at Home...

Crystals at home, come in many shapes and forms, with apparant mystic healing powers for mind, body and soul and an overall sense of well being.

Crystals can really brighten up your home, especially 'Selenite Crystals Tea Lights' and 'Crystal Salt Lamps' which reflect or let the light shine through in a wonderful mysterious way.

Using crystals at home is a stunning way to enhance your home, your life, and according to many your health aswell.

Feng Shui at home often uses Crystals to enhance well being and bring in harmony, health, wealth and happiness, especially if particular crystals are placed around your home in specific places to attract what you require in your life.

Amethyst crystal is apparantly an excellent 'all round healer'.
Amethyst Geodes/Cathedrals and Clusters of Crystals are stunningly beautiful and an eye catcher, ideal for any room at home or at work.

Crystals make great home accessories and Crystal Jewellery make unusual, unique Gifts for yourself and loved ones of all ages...

Crystal Salt Lamps - My Favourite, give a wonderful warm glow to the home.

Amethyst Quartz and Citrine Crystal Tea Light Holders reflect the flame beautifully - Citrine also attracts wealth!

A Selenite Crystal Heart shaped Candle Holder is enough to melt anyone!
Selenite is a white angelic looking crystal, that is said to invite angels.
Also used to clear stagnant energy, auras and blockages.
It looks at its best when used with light reflection such as sunlight or a candle flame.

A smoky quartz Cluster of crystals can help protect against electromagnetic smog and is very grounding and cleansing as is a flourite palm stone - both excellent crystals to keep near your computer for decoration, energizing, cleansing.

Skyscraper Selenite Crystal Lamps are amongst my favourites as the light box underneath makes the crystal glow.  Selenite is said to bring peace and harmony... http://www.wellbeinginfo.com/Crystals-at-Home.html

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