Saturday, November 20, 2010

Well Being Info - Unique Xmas Gift Ideas - Inc a Xmas Donkey - read on!

Give a Xmas Donkey or a Toilet - you know it will be used
Yes - you will need to read on!

Its very unique charity gift ideas...

You 'choose the gift' and give a card to your loved one which explains what you have bought and how it will help and in which third world country!
The most unusual and valuable Xmas Gifts to make a real difference...
For Gardeners
There is gardening gifts from seeds to whole eco-systems.

For a Cooking Enthusiast 
A unique cooker for £8.00 that doesnt need electricity-they just bury it in the ground!

Animal Lovers and Children
Cute choices like a Xmas Lamb or sweet chics that supply both food and vital income.

So many quick and easy options
So rewarding for both the giver and receiver
Take a quick peep at all the choices...

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