Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crystals at Home

Crystals at Home 

Crystals at Home - Ideas

My Well Being Info crystals at home page gives you lots of ideas of how to use
Crystals at Home like...

A Cluster of Smoky Quartz Crystals at home can help protect against electromagnetic smog and is very grounding and cleansing,
excellent to keep by your computer also a

Flourite Palm Stone Crystal near your computer for decoration, energizing, cleansing Crytsals at Home and at work.

Crystal Salt Lamps
 - give a wonderful warm crystal glow to a home.

Amethyst Quartz Crystal and Citrine Crystal Tea Light Holders reflect the flame beautifully - Citrine crystals also attracts wealth!

A Selenite Crystal Heart shaped Candle Holder is enough to melt anyone! (Selenite crystals are white angelic crystal)

7 Chakras Crystals Bath Layout

Crystals at home make great Well Being Gifts

Skyscraper Selenite Crystal Lamps
 are amongst my favourites as the light box underneath makes the crystal glow.
Selenite crystals are said to bring peace and harmony.

Stunning Amethyst Cathedral Geodes (Tall cave like Crystal chunks) make an extra special crystals at home treat!

Swarovski Crystals set in Gorgeous Well Being
Energetix Magnet Jewellery
 energizing quality neodymium magnets with crystals.

All available improve Well Being Info, by Heidi Almonte, Complementary Therapist,
Geopathic Stress, Sick Homes Syndrome, EFT & Reiki Practitioner.

Crystals at Home

7 Chakra Crystals at Home
Well Being Gifts

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