Monday, April 21, 2014

Reiki Healing Blindness

Reiki Healing Blindness

Reiki Healing never ceases to amaze me in 10 years since I've been a
Reiki Healing Therapist.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing blindess was my first Reiki Healing in Gibraltar 2014. 
Whilst working my Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Stall, I peeped at the stall next door, the man immediately said
"You have a kind voice - I would like to give you 1 of my copper bracelets"
Very unusual.  I think an Angel must have asked him to!
He then said "I woke 4 months ago with total blindness due to a serious Diabetes condition and am awaiting an operation for the blindness".

I offered him Reiki Healing for Blindness and gave him 5 minutes Reiki Healing whilst on the market stall.  He then asked me to move my hands around -
His eyes followed them up and down! 
He pointed to my scarf and said "You're wearing a red scarf and a green top -
and I can see the sign up there - I can see!"

Thank You to 'Jose Valderrama, Ocean Village Market, Gibraltar'
for your Reiki Healing Blindness Testimonial, so pleased to help:))

The following week when I saw Jose he was playing on a small mobile!

Reiki Healing Therapist

Heidi has been a Reiki Healing Therapist since 2004, just 11th in line from Dr Usui and is also a qualified Reiki Distant Healing Therapist - Reiki Healing from a distance, world wide aswell as help people learn Reiki Healing online.

Heidi Almonte

Reiki Healing Therapist

Tapping EFT Practitioner
Magnet Therapy Healing & Energetix Jewellery

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